Member Accounts & Sign-In info

    • To access the Members Only Material, or to edit Drive, Calendar, Photos, and other club online assets, you will need to sign in with a valid username (email) and password.
    • Account Username/email:
      • There are two types of accounts
        • General Account: is the generic account that all Strathroy Rotarians can use to access and view member info. This account has restricted access or edit privileges.
        • Personal account: Some Rotarians, upon request, will have a personalized username or email to use. If you have one, please use that in order to make changes or edits. These personalized accounts can be given more edit privileges.
    • Account Password
      • If you lost or don't have the password, please email or contact Sheri "Twiggs" Terwilligar or Johan (Johnny) Rondelez. You can also use the Strathroy Rotary contact page at:
    • Recovery Info
      • If you are asked for recovery info when signing in, please ignore it. (The admins can always reset the password if required)

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