Friends of Rotary

Are you a community minded person? Are you looking for a way to help others through a structured organization with the help and fellowship of other Strathroy Rotarians? But you don't have the time to join with a full time commitment? Then consider becoming a Friend of Rotary. We will notify you of projects we are working on and you can let us know where you can help.

Thank you to the following wonderful Friends of Rotary:

  • Art Kaster
  • Charlene Quinlan
  • Brian Anderson
  • Cameron Fodemesi
  • Dawson VanderMark-MacDonald
  • Hana Prokes
  • Jennifer Langford
  • Ken Koprowski
  • Liz Greve
  • Lorraine Shea
  • Mark & Nancy Walters
  • Marlene Rees-Newton
  • Nancy Giles
  • Michael Pascoe
  • Pamela King Black
  • Priscilla Vandermark Macdonald
  • Rachel Hayes
  • Rob Giles
  • Sarah Hayes
  • Steve MacDonald

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