HELP... I'm New!

Welcome to our club's web site !

Here is a basic introduction to our web site and how to use it.
These instructions are intended for member Rotarians only.


    • There are 2 main web sites, one is public, and one is for private for members only
    • Public Site

      • This site is viewable anywhere around the world, and is what the public sees when they go to 
    • Private Site

      • The Members Only Private web site is restricted and can only be accessed when you sign in using your username and password.
      • The easiest way to access the private site is:
        • First go to the public site
        • Then on the menu on the left side, under "Members Only", click on "PRIVATE Web Site".
        • If you are not already signed in, you will see a sign in screen.  Sign in!


    • To access the Member's Only private web site, or any of the other tools (such as E-Mail, Calendar, Contacts etc.), you will need to first sign in.
    • Sign in example:

      Here is an image of what the sign in screen looks like:

    • How to sign in:

      • Step#1: Username

        • This is normally the first name followed by a period ( . ) followed by your last name.
        • In the sign in example above, Johan has entered his name like this:    johan.rondelez
        • Note that this is also the first half of your Strathroy Rotary email  (everything before the part)
        • When to use your full username:

          • Sometimes depending on how you sign in, you may need to enter your entire Rotary email address.  You can tell when you only have to enter the first half or your email address by looking if the is already pre-printed below the Username box.  If there is no below the sign in box, then the entire email adress needs to be
      • Step#2: Password

        • Enter your Password
        • IMPORTANT:  If this is the first time you are accessing your account, please change the password to one of your own!
      • Step#3: Stay signed in?

        • As long as this box is box is checked, you will continue to stay signed into your account - Even if you close all your web pages and shut your computer down.
        • This makes it easy to exit and re-enter various tools (web site, email, calendar, etc.) without having to log in each time.
        • IMPORTANT!  Only use this option if you are using a personal computer that no one else is using and you can trust.  Never use this option if you are using a public computer.  If someone were to go on the computer after you, they could access your account without logging in.
      • Step#4: Sign in

        • Click the Sign in button, and your in!
      • IMPORTANT: Logging out

        • It is a highly recommended practice to click on the "sign off" or "log off" link, when you are done using your account.  This will ensure that someone else who uses the computer after you can't log into your account.  If you are using a public computer, also make sure you close all browser windows (not just the one you are working on) after you are finished with your account.
      • Lost password

        • If you've forgotten your password, please contact one of the web site administrators (see below).
      • Changing your password


    • Public Site features

      • Mini Blog with live RSS feed

        • The blog is useful for quickly entering events and information highlights for the public viewing.
        • The blog features an RSS feed that users can add to their RSS readers in order to quickly and easily keep up  with what's going on at our club.
      • Activities Section

        • The activities section is useful for in-depth coverage of the various activities and events that the Strathroy Rotary club is involved with.
        • Here various club members are encouraged to take adopt a page and help keep it up to date.
        • Great pages to add are the golf tournament, lobsterfest, cash calendar, etc.
      • Calendar

        • The calendar is useful for displaying upcoming events and activities.
        • Anyone public user with a Google or Gmail account can also easily add this calendar to theirs.  HTML, ICAL & XML links are also provided for easy sharing.
        • Members can also create a personal in their personal account.
      • Other Pages

        • These are fairly self-explanitory.
        • With these and all pages, members are encouraged to provide useful info that can be added to them, including photos, audio, video, etc.
      • E-Newsletters

        • There is a page with a form where users can subscribe to our club e-newsletter.
        • If this project is a go, I expect the newsletters would reflect recent events posted to the web site.
      • Contact Us Page

        • Currently this form will forward any inquiries to Johan who can forward to the appropriate person.
    • Private Site features

      • Feature 1

        • Yada yada. To be completed.
    • Members Links features

      • Link 1

        • Yada yada. To be completed.


    • Currently the administrators are:
      • Johan (Johnny) Rondelez
        • Tel: 519-488-5335 or use the Contact Us page
        • If there are any problems or questions with this site, please use the Contact Us page to let me know.
      • Christine McLachlan


    • First, save the file to PDF format, in "YYYY-MM-DD minutes.pdf" format
      • E.g.:  "2010-01-31 minutes.pdf"
      • This is so all the files will be in chronological order on the web site
    • Second, upload the PDF file:
      • 1. Go to
      • 2. Click on the "MEMBERS WEB SITE" link (located in the menu on the left side of the web site).
      • 3. Sign in (See Sign-in instructions above)
      • 4. Click on "Minutes" on the menu column on the left (You should now be on the full-page view of the minutes)
      • 5. Click on the "Add file" button (near the top-left of the page)
      • 6. Click on the "Choose File" button
      • 7. Navigate to the file you want to upload and double-click on the file you want to upload.
      • 8. Click on the "Upload" button to upload the file.


    • Note that you must have editing privileges in order to do this.
    • Sign into the Member Section (
    • Click on the "View Responses" link in the menu to the left (Under the MEMBERS ONLY heading)
    • At the bottom of the RSVPs, there will be a link called "Edit this page).  Click on this link
    • Right-click on the row you want to delete, then select, and then click on "Delete Row"
      • (You need to right-click on the grey column to the left with the row numbers)
      • Tip:  you can select a range of rows and delete them all at once.  To do this, first click on the first row you want to select, then while holding down the shift key click on the last row you want to select.  Right-click in the greyed column area at the left, and select "Delete Rows...."
    • SHORT-CUT:  This link will take you directly to the Lunch RSVP spread sheet