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Rotary International Youth Student Exchange program.

For over 75 years the Rotary International Youth Exchange program takes students around the globe where they learn new cultures, new languages, and a new way of living, all helping to make our "global village" just a little bit smaller with every exchange.    Students become ambassadors of their countries teaching people they meet about their country, culture and ideas.  Each year more than 80 countries and 8,000 young people have experiences like these through Rotary's Youth Exchange.  It's the opportunity of a lifetime!  Are you ready for the challenge?!  Learn more about the Rotary Youth Exchange program today!  Visit or

The Rotary club of Strathroy is proud to be an active and vital participant in this program.

Our current out-bound youth: 2015-2016 Dylan to France
Our current in-bound youth: 2015-2016 Marie from Germany

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Program Contacts:
  • Marianne Kennes – Youth Exchange Officer at
  • Sherrie Klaver – Youth Exchange Counselor at